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Puritan Law

John Winthrop John Cotton’s Legal Code John Winthrop, a Puritan founder, instructed city magistrates to search the Scriptures for the

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Declaration of Independence

Associated Locations: Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Associated Dates: July 4, 1776 – Ratified “The Declaration of Independence . . .

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Ica Stones

See also: Dinosaurs & Dragon Legends, 28) YOUNG EARTH: Do the revelations teach a 7,000 year temporal existence of the earth?, 18) CREATIONISM:

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Bat Creek Stone

Discovery “Independent scientific verification of an archaeologically excavated stone with ancient Hebrew inscribed into its surface has been completed in

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Reformation Hymns

The Old 100th: The Thanksgiving Psalm of the Pilgrims Shout to Jehova all the earth, Serve ye Jehova with gladness,

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