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Remaining True to the Restoration

Joseph Smith Foundation is an organization focused on supporting and contributing to projects founded in the words of Jesus Christ. Our motto is “Vision in Light of the Restoration.” Joseph Smith taught truth that confirms the truths taught in the Bible.  He taught that a restoration of the doctrine and Church established and led by Jesus Christ was necessary in the latter days as it was in the former ages of the earth. Revelation was the rock foundation upon which to build.

Joseph Smith Foundation team and staff are active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints although the foundation is not sponsored by the Church. The Joseph Smith Foundation also welcomes volunteer contributions from members of many religious and cultural backgrounds.

The resources available on Joseph Smith Foundation sites are based upon and to our best knowledge in harmony with the scriptures and the writings of latter-day prophets. If you know of any doctrinal or otherwise issues please let us know. We welcome your input. Please contact us.

L. Hannah Stoddard – Director of the Joseph Smith Foundation

Joseph Smith Foundation Team & Contributors

James F. Stoddard IIIExecutive Strategist, 1970-2021

Julie A. Smith – Education Director

Leah M. Stoddard – Lead Animator, Research & Design, Software Development

Kimberly W. Smith – Research Director

Isaiah M. Stoddard – Animator, Design, Software & Web Development

Natalie Smith – Order Fulfillment

Russell H. Barlow – Author, Editor

Heidi S. Barlow – Education & Curriculum

Margaret Stoddard – Author, Editor

Threesa L. Cummings – Research

Jefferson H. Stoddard – Research

Scott N. Bradley – Author, Advisor

Camille Cornaby – Artist

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