New book! A Christ-Centered Home: Hope & Healing for Every Family in Every Situation

At the Book of Mormon Evidence Conference last week, Stoddard siblings Hannah, Leah, and Isaiah Stoddard released a new family biography titled, A Christ-Centered Home: A Story of Hope & Healing for Every Family in Every Situation.

Behind the founding of the Joseph Smith Foundation is an untold, inspirational story of a software engineer father who felt called to uphold the Prophet Joseph Smith & the Restoration with only his homeschool family as his production team! Now his children tell candid stories of what it was like growing up with the Joseph Smith Foundation—from video editing, research, and book writing to the many miracles along the way.

This heartfelt narrative also embraces the challenges facing many families today. Hannah, Leah, and Isaiah also share their individual conversions to the Gospel, along with their witness that the Gospel of Jesus Christ holds answers for the world today! From a family team—a dad with his kids—came the Joseph Smith Foundation and many other projects that point church members to gospel principles, blessing the lives of thousands in the Church today.

This book is an inspiring guide for families to discover their own mission and inspire their youth to change the world—a testimony that the God of Israel will prevail!

“This book has blessed my family immensely! I loved learning how Brother Stoddard actively applied the gospel to everything he did with his family—blessing not only them, but so many others. Brother Stoddard’s life is a testament of the truth that there is no situation, no problem, and no trial that the Gospel of Jesus Christ doesn’t have an answer for. Since it’s a book about family, I decided to read most of it aloud to my children (ages 7 and 5) and they loved it too!” —Jennifer, mother of three

A Sneak Peek at the Table of Contents!

Dad’s Final Pleading
The Lone Pilgrim
Losing Our Little Warrior
Born to Make a Difference
“Touch These Stones”
Lose Your Life . . . To Save It
“To Know the Things My Father Had Seen”: Hannah’s Conversion
It’s About Joy
Highland Cathedral Estate: Where Country Life is Real Living!
Power Comes from Purity
Music: The Forgotten Language of the Heart
Our Philosophy on Movies
Raising the Bar
A Mighty Change of Heart: Leah’s Conversion
Healing & Beauty from Ashes
“The Answer is on Your Dresser!”: Isaiah’s Conversion
Finding Confidence Again
A God of Miracles
Keep the Faith

More about the book!

James F. Stoddard III was a visionary leader who felt from a very young age that he had a mission to perform. He began an intense study of the gospel before his teen years and later committed all of his time and resources to upholding the Restoration. From the time he was a 13-year-old young man, he invested hours, days, weeks, and years into studying forgotten teachings from inspired prophets and presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Then, he decided to try something revolutionary! Together, he and his family would apply these teachings and live their counsel practically. Not just infusing gospel principles into school and career, but actually building his family’s entire lives—diet, education, work, recreation, entertainment, etc.—aroundon, and with the Rock of Revelation. He ‘experimented on the word’ by creating a home with exceptionally high standards, a home focused on consecrated service, a home that became a productive center for missionary work, entrepreneurial business, and worldwide teaching. He hit upon a secret that many may overlook: his mission to change the world would be performed with and through his family!

A Christ-Centered Home is the heartfelt story told by some of his children documenting the joy—even in the midst of suffering and pain—that is possible when a family raises the bar in their standards, lives the principles of Jesus Christ, consecrates their time and talents, and follows in the footsteps of the Master, Jesus Christ.

A message of hope that the Gospel can transform and heal every family in every situation.

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