Ica Stones

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  • Ica, Peru, South America

“The Ica stones are a collection of over fifteen thousand carved stones discovered in the vicinity of Ica, Peru. The images on the stones were apparently created in pre-Columbian times and buried in a large number of tombs alongside Native American mummies. The earliest known European report on the artifacts is from the Spanish priest and Jesuit missionary Father Simon in 1535. Samples were sent back to Spain in 1562. In more modern times, the stones have been made famous by the late collector Dr. Javier Cabrera.” 1

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“Due to the depictions of dinosaurs as well as relatively advanced technology on the Ica stones, Evolutionists dismiss the artifacts as hoaxes. It is claimed that Cabrera’s stone suppliers actually carved the stones themselves after being given drawings to work from. The suppliers went on record saying that they did forge the images. However, the “confessions” are not surprising even if the stones are genuine, since it is a crime punishable by imprisonment to sell national treasures. Furthermore, there is the sixteenth century Spanish account predating Cabrera by many years. Although it is confirmed that some of the stones are fakes, most are the real thing. As physical evidence, there is a layer of patina on the surface of many of the carvings, indicating that the images are several hundred years old at least, especially since they were found in a dry area. Additionally, stones dug up in the 50’s and 60’s have images of Apatosaurus with the correct head, but it was only in 1979 that it was revealed to the scientific community that paleontologists had been using the wrong skull for the Brontosaurus dinosaur.” 2

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