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Feminism, Teenage Rebellion & Autonomy

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Creationism & Children of God
Darwinism & the Descent of man
Stewardship & Consecration
Marxist Socialism
Music & Graceful Dance
Rock & Lustful Dance
Courtship & Virtue
Sexual Revolution
Leisure & Balance
Entertainment & Partying
Quiver full
Children as a Burden
Parental Rights
“The Village” & Wards of the State
Scripturist & Revelation
Secularist & Rationalism
True scholarship
Progressive Education
Magical Realism & Witchcraft
Salvation & Exaltation
Free grace & unconditional love
Moral Absolutes
Political Correctness
Complimenting Genders
Gender Equality
Stewardship & Dominion
Women and children first
Survival of the Fittest
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