Revealed Educational Principles & the Public Schools


A Look at Principle-Centered Education Through the Prophets and LDS Educational History

This book tells the history of the Church of Jesus Christ’s (Mormon or LDS) doctrines on education in Utah. The book takes the reader through the change from private to public education. The members of the church essentially rejected their leaders and sent their children to the cheaper, tax-supported public schools. In response, the church set up a separate education system to complement the public schools.

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Jack Monnett, PhD has been referred to as “the father of modern LDS education.”

His book, ”Revealed Educational Principles” has become a pivotal book in the LDS homeschooling movement. It historically demonstrates that the Church has had reservations about the educational role of government and the secular nature of public learning.  This book was named as “Book of the Year” by the LDS Home Educators’ Association. This NEW edition has been updated with information for the challenges of today and features a foreword by Scott N. Bradley.


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