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Faith Crisis, Volume 2: Behind Closed Doors—Leonard Arrington & the Progressive Rewriting of Mormon History

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During the 20th century, an organized objective to rewrite Latter-day Saint history from within, unbeknownst to the general Church membership, went head to head behind the scenes with traditional leaders of the Church. Meet the main players of this conflict: Leonard Arrington—progressive “Father of New Mormon History,” Ezra Taft Benson—traditionalist defender, and many other advocates of traditionalist and progressive Latter-day Saint history.

As traditionalists and progressives sparred during the 1970s-1980s, a covert cold war commenced in Salt Lake City, Utah, with the progressives spying on the traditionalists, and the traditionalists spying on the progressives. Secret informants, leaked documents, falsified reports, and even employed pseudonyms—all were part of this struggle to dominate Latter-day Saint history. But how did, and does, this secret conflict affect you? Progressives, working in the Church History Department and at Brigham Young University, claimed 40 years ago that it would take a generation to re-educate the Church. Where are we now in that re-education?

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Availability: In stock

4 reviews for Faith Crisis, Volume 2: Behind Closed Doors—Leonard Arrington & the Progressive Rewriting of Mormon History

  1. Jeff Downs

    This book is superb! I didn’t think it could possibly match the first volume , but it has! It is frustrating to me that LDS scholars, in a desperate attempt to be published and recognized, are turning to the tired and debunked arguments from past anti-mormon literature in this day and age. Don’t fall for it! It just isn’t worth it. Take the time to read these two volumes and stay informed! These two volumes belong on everyone’s shelves. Incredible reference I will be turning to often!

  2. wakeboardgirl

    Phenomenal book! Well researched, and well sourced, but also easy to digest. Highly recommend! These Faith Crisis books by the Stoddards are going to help save a lot of families from losing their testimonies. My respect for our church leaders has greatly increased now that I understand what they are dealing with behind the scenes! There are conspiring men with bad intentions working to alter our history, and understanding of our history. Read this book if you want to understand those conspiring plans, and protect yourself from being deceived.

  3. Jeffrey Ure (verified owner)

    Oh that I had the trump of an angel! This book is amazing and I with that every member and non-member alike would read it. I thought I knew LDS history pretty well, but realized I knew history through a revisionist lens, and didn’t really know the true history. I had worked through believing that the revisionist history is how it happened, but the truth is so much sweeter. I have been telling everyone that I feel prompted to about this book, and have bought 2 copies for friends and family since just yesterday. Follow the names that are spoken about, watch what has been written by those authors, and avoid it like the plague that it is. Lies will harm, the truth will set you free. If only we had more people on the side of truth these days. Thank you Stoddards!

  4. James Hasler

    Again Vol 2 is also Mind blowing! This is another fantastic book! Like I mentioned in my other review for Vol 1: As you begin reading you will soon find the books to be filled with scholarship; everything is sourced on each page with references. I was never aware of this progressive effort to re-write Mormon History until reading this volume; and alarmed at the great divide in our church. It is full of facts, evidence, doctrine, and authenticity that make it palatable for everyone to see clearly and decide, for themselves, which side of our history they will be on. As for me and my house we stand on the traditional side believing in the literal teachings and happenings as recorded in the scriptures and spoken by our prophets.

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