Cradle of Genius

Cradle of Genius, is based on “Talks with Great Composers”, by Arthur Abell. The film explores divine inspiration’s role in the lives and career of three extraordinary composers, Puccini, Strauss, and Brahms. Cradle is set in 1955, Hastings on Hudson, NY, where Arthur Abell resided when he published the book. He is counseling his niece, Katey, who has decided to forego college for a bohemian lifestyle in California. Abell explains, through flashbacks, the trials and tribulations that the great composers went through in order to achieve excellence and how each of them incorporated hard work with divine inspiration in developing their genius. Underlying the story is Abell’s decision not to publish his book, “Talks with Great Composers.” Summary by The Newington Cropsey Foundation

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  • 7 May 1833 – Brahms birth
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