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Raising the Bar
Guardians of an Altar

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Lamb of God – Rob Gardner

Lamb of God is a sacred musical work for choir, orchestra and soloists focusing on the final days of the life of Jesus Christ, His Atonement and Resurrection. It is written as a dramatic work and presented in concert format. It uses as its basis, and much of its text, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, […]

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Joseph Smith the Prophet – Rob Gardner

From composer Rob Gardner of “He is Jesus Christ,” “The Lamb of God,” and “The Price of Freedom.” “Joseph Smith the Prophet” presents the life and mission of the Prophet from his vision in the Sacred Grove to his martyrdom in Carthage Jail. Features powerful new music from the composer as well as new arrangements […]

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Prepare Yourselves for the Great Day of the Lord

Author: Ezra Taft Benson Type: Talk or speech Runtime: 00:35:55 Download Audio Here Summary Ezra Taft Benson was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when this fireside address was given at Brigham Young University on 14 April 1981.

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To Have and to Hold

A critical question each family must face is this… Would you desire your children to experience a repeat of your own dating experiences or those of your friends from the “Me First” generation? If your answer is a resounding “NO!”–then we can most assuredly conclude that we need to introduce an alternative to our children, […]

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No Greater Love (2009)
No Greater Love Joseph Smith Foundation

  Jeff and Heather were the “lucky ones.” Best friends from childhood, high school sweethearts and married by 22, they were inseparable soul mates. After the birth of their son, Heather fell into a deep depression. Hopelessly lost, she vanished. Ten years after his wife’s disappearance, Jeff’s world is dramatically rocked when Heather shockingly reappears […]

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Flywheel (2003)
Fly Wheel Joseph Smith Foundation

Jay Austin (Alex Kendrick) wants to sell you a used car, but watch out! Many victims have fallen prey to his smiling face and hasty promises. Austin does everything his way until his dishonesty and manipulation are repeatedly exposed. Like many men, he becomes disgusted by the masks he wears and lies he tells. While […]

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Fireproof (2008)
Fire Proof Joseph Smith Foundation

Lt. Caleb Holt lives by the old firefighter’s adage: Never leave your partner behind. Inside burning buildings, it’s his natural instinct. In the cooling embers of his marriage, it’s another story. After a decade of marriage, Caleb and Catherine Holt have drifted so far apart that they are ready to move on without each other. […]

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