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May 2021, Part 2: Debunking Rough Stone Rolling’s Treasure Digging Sources with REAL Data | Vidcast

May 2021, Part 1: Debunking Rough Stone Rolling’s Treasure Digging Sources with REAL Data | Vidcast

August 2018, Part 2: Growing Up with the Joseph Smith Foundation, Gaining a Mission & Testimony (Hannah Stoddard)

August 2018, “Two of Joseph Smith’s Principles for Successful Family Education” 2018 Conference Keynote (Hannah Stoddard, Radio)

June 2018, Answering the “CES Letter”: Polygamy & the Book of Mormon Translation (Hannah Stoddard, Radio)

Are you or someone you know experiencing a faith crisis? Are you struggling with LDS Church History? On June 22, 2018, Hannah Stoddard joined Greg Jarrard on Latter-day Radio to discuss the CES Letter, Joseph Smith’s polygamy, the translation of the Book of Mormon and more! Download a free audio from the Joseph Smith Foundation about the CES Letter!

June 2018, American Covenant: Pilgrims, Puritans, Founders, Freemasonry & more! (Hannah Stoddard, Radio)

On June 29, 2018, Hannah Stoddard joined Greg Jarrard on “Latter-day Radio” to discuss the American covenant, miracles from the lives of the Founding Fathers, Freemasonry and the legacy of the Pilgrim and Puritan forefathers. Listen to the interview!

December 2016, Healing & Motivating Youth with Revealed Educational Principles (LDS Answers w/ Julie Smith)

Julie Smith is the co-founder and director of a Kimber Academy school in Lehi, Utah. She is the mother of five children and one grandchild. In this LDS Answers podcast, she addresses real answers for youth and families who are struggling. She discusses raising a higher standard of music, of encouraging the father to become involved in the home education process, of motivating youth by engaging them in the “battlelines” of our time and other “revealed educational principles” taught by the scriptures and Presidents of the Church.

October 2016, LDS scholars encourage new history, new policy, new Church (Hannah Stoddard, Radio)

On October 6, 2016, Hannah Stoddard joined Defending Utah (Ben McClintock, Enoch Moore) and Cherilyn Eager on The Liberty Lineup Radio Show (KTALK 630) to discuss the recent LDS Answers article, “‘The dominant [Church history] narrative is not true . . .’ LDS scholars encourage new history, new policy, new Church.”

February 2016, Darwinism & Socialism at BYU (Hannah Stoddard, Radio)

Hannah Stoddard of the Joseph Smith Foundation discusses the recent poll at BYU where students would have elected socialist Bernie Sanders as president, Brigham Young’s endowment for BYU to fight Darwinism and Marxism and why Joseph F. Smith dismissed three professors from Brigham Young University for teaching organic evolution.

January 2016, Solutions for Apathetic Youth (Hannah Stoddard, Radio)

On January 13, 2016, Hannah Stoddard joined Juleen Jackson and Kris Kimball on the Liberty Lineup (KTALK 630) to discuss solutions for apathetic youth in our day.

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