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Raising the Bar
Guardians of an Altar

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Nephites in Europe

Purchase the DVD! Joseph Smith Foundation Store Share the “Nephites in Europe” Documentary Share on social media Facebook Twitter YouTube Pinterest Leave a review on Amazon Join the initiative! Because I am a Nephite, I will . . .  Never compromise my standards If you are interested in joining with others in reaching for higher standards, join […]

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Educational Resources!

Ages The “History of the Age of the Earth: With Emphasis on the Patriarchs, Prophets, and the House of Israel” chart includes extensively documented pedigrees, timelines with key figures and nobility through the dark ages and up through the founding of our nation and the Restoration of the Gospel. Even significant astronomical events are noted. […]

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We have searched the Internet for many of the available electronic books that are of priceless value to latter-day saints. We have free ebooks available in pdf, kindle, epub, plain text and many other formats. Categories Format Type

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Keynote speaker for Called to Learn Conference

Hannah Stoddard was invited to give the keynote presentation for the Called to Learn of Christ Curriculum Conference (August 25-September 1, 2018): “Two of Joseph Smith’s Principles for a Successful Education for the Whole Family” Keynote Description: Joseph Smith has been called “America’s greatest educator” and yet the Prophet’s principles for successful education have largely […]

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The Process of Translating the Book of Mormon

Joseph Fielding McConkie (Professor of Ancient Scripture, BYU) Craig J. Ostler (Assistant Professor of Church History and Doctrine, BYU) Published in the book, Revelations of the Restoration: A Commentary on the Doctrine and Covenants and Other Modern Revelations (Salt Lake City, UT: Deseret Book, 2000), pp. 89-98 Republished from – Republished from The Translation Process […]

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Presentation Slides

Answering the “Letter to a CES Director” Introduction Polygamy/Polyandry Adam-God Translation of the Book of Mormon Finding Answers Educating Zion series Focus OUT, Not In – “Feed My Sheep” (Webinar 3-20-2016) Mission Centered – “Here am I, Send Me” (Webinar 3-20-2016) Other Presentations Music: The Forgotten Language of the Heart (April 10, 2016) “Hanukkiah” Earthworks Fortell Last […]

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Multi-media Resources

The Internet is filled with information, some is critical to understand, most is not essential and the balance is very destructive. Of the critical information, that which is most often overlooked is inspiring and sacred. Every concerned parent feels anxiety and responsibility for the proper direction of education and leisure in the home. ZionTube is a […]

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Neil J Flinders – BYU Education Week Presentation Titles 2016

[As Printed in the BYU Education Week Program for August 15-19, 2016] Education Creates or Destroys all Social Orders: Between Individuals, Within Families, Cultures, & Nations Tuesday The Revealed Role for both Education & Schooling: Joseph Smith’s and Elijah’s Foundational Missions (Download PDF) Wednesday How and When American Education Changed: Rise of the Secular Society & Meeting […]

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The Book of Mormon in the “Real World”: An Answer for Apathy in the Church

by James F. Stoddard III There I was, 1996 and fresh out of BYU, teaching high school history, government and PE in Northern Arizona to students who couldn’t care less about the subject material.  It was culture shock after years at BYU and teaching motivated new missionaries at the Missionary Training Center.  How could I […]

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Educating Zion: Joseph Smith’s Restored Principles (Audio/Webinar, March 20th)

  Download the audio recording! What does a “Zion education” look like? Today, there are many battlelines where the adversary is assaulting the kingdom of God. What if the hours spent “homeschooling” could be used to make a difference, not only in our families, but in the world? What if the home is the most […]

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The Words of Joseph Smith

Author: Joseph Smith Length: approx. 447 pgs. This book contains a full collection of Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo discourses in the mature and climatic years of his life – many have never been published. They are reproduced in this book in exact fidelity to their original written sources in diaries and journals, including spelling and grammatical deviations. […]

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Doctrines of Salvation

Author: John A. Widtsoe Length: approx. 691 pgs. (Ebook version) PDF EPUB Kindle Full Text DjVu Summary Doctrines of Salvation, Volume 1-3, is an authoritative work, written by the most outstanding scholar of the gospel in the Church containing a wealth of explanations about a vast array of gospel topics, many of which can not […]

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Why We Practice Plural Marriage

Publisher: Juvenile Instructor Office Year: 1884 Download: Kindle Full Text PDF “My purpose in publishing another pamphlet on the subject of plural marriage is to throw more light upon it, and to show forth the foolishness and inconsistency of those who hold it up as a “foul stain that pollutes the very soil where it […]

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