Nephites in Europe

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Because I am a Nephite, I will . . . 

Never compromise my standards

If you are interested in joining with others in reaching for higher standards, join “Raising the Bar.”

Because I am a Nephite, I will . . . 

Turn my heart to my Nephite forefathers

For Our Day: Covenant on the Land | Official Trailer
Prophetic Parallels in the Book of Mormon

Because I am a Nephite, I will . . . 

Defend liberty

The Nephites established the greatest nation of liberty ever known to the world. The responsibility of those that have the Nephite heritage is to maintain those liberties today. Host a family home evening or meeting with friends and family on principles in the Book of Mormon for our day.

For Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned Governments | Official Trailer
Statesmen & Symbols: Prelude to the Restoration | Official Trailer

Because I am a Nephite, I will . . . 

Defend the Restoration 

Seer Stone v. Urim & Thummim: Book of Mormon Translation on Trial

Seer Stone v. Urim and Thummim places the Book of Mormon translation on trial, presenting the latest research in one of the most comprehensive treatments of the translation process to date providing encouragement for Latter-day Saints who fear they have been “betrayed” by the translation history taught by the Church for over 190 years.

Because I am a Nephite, I will . . . 

Defend the family 

The Book of Mormon record conveys the greatest examples of righteous fathers establishing patriarchal families and working through family issues including delinquency, faith crisis, and persecution. Latter-day Nephites must step forward and save the family. 

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