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Statesmen & Symbols: Prelude to the Restoration (DVD)

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From the producers of For Our Day, comes a fascinating documentary exploring temple symbolism. Discover the reason behind Joseph Smith’s involvement with Masonry, the purpose of inverted pentagrams on LDS temples, the use of sacred symbols by the Founding Fathers and more!

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Availability: In stock

Two documentaries included:

Part 1: Sacred Symbols

Compass, Square, Octagon, Inverted Pentagram, Joseph Smith & Masonry, Early Christian Ceremonies, Ouroboros

Why are some of the sacred symbols used by the Founding Fathers, also found on tapestries in China that date to the time of the flood?

Why do we find the same symbols revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith, as part of the Restoration, used as well by the early Christians?

Are inverted pentagrams occult symbols or do they have a sacred, nearly forgotten meaning?

Part 2: Covenant Land

Hopewell Civilization, Ohio’s East Fork/”Hanukkiah” Earthworks, Adams & Jefferson Letters, 50 Year Jubilee

Why are many of the Masonic symbols used by the American Founding Fathers identical to those revealed by Joseph Smith?

Do sacred symbols tie the Book of Mormon, the Hopewell civilization of North America and the American founding together?

What do LDS temples have in common with the Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge and the Hopewell mounds in North America?

What is the significance in the deaths of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams on July 4th, fifty years to the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

What are the details of American Founding Father Benjamin Rush’s vision concerning Thomas Jefferson and John Adams?  How was the vision fulfilled?

Did some of the American Founding Fathers understand the need for a Restoration and in many ways anticipate the work of Joseph Smith?

Why did Benjamin Franklin work to bring Freemasonry to America?  Was Freemasonry in America a prelude to the Restoration?

Guest Appearances: Timothy Ballard, Rod L. Meldrum, V. Lauri Updike, Scott N. Bradley, J. Ruel Haymond, Vicki Jo Anderson, Val W. Brinkerhoff, Amberli G. Nelson, Kay M Godfrey

2 reviews for Statesmen & Symbols: Prelude to the Restoration (DVD)

  1. Nat

    This is a very impressive film, and very informative documentary presenting research about how sacred symbols have been used and also then perverted in history. Our family loved the stories about the founding father, many of which we had never heard before. American history has become so God-less and diluted for the upcoming generations. We must learn the true history of these several sacred symbols used, and how they became corrupted by evil men. This is an important film for all God and freedom loving families to watch together, and a must for the classroom!

  2. Julie Smith

    Our family was strengthened by this presentation. The stories shared about our Founders is important for each us to know and come to understand as history is being rewritten as we speak. If we only could see how God’s hand has been in the beginning and through all of history and still now, maybe his children would honor and glorify him, and America could be as she is to be…the covenant Nation. Great research and information for all to watch.

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