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How to Educate

Joseph Smith has been called “America’s greatest educator,” and yet the Prophet’s principles for successful education have largely been forgotten! Discover the top 10 principles of education, as well as the definition of education (free webinar included).

The page provides insights into Brigham Young’s vision for education, emphasizing the importance of scriptural and religious instruction alongside academic learning. Brigham Young taught that education should cultivate character and spiritual growth, not just intellectual prowess. Students should be prepared for both temporal and eternal success.

Obtain new insights into education by reading Scott N. Bradley’s article titled “What is True Education?“, the forward to John D. Monnett’s book Revealed Educational Principles and the Public Schools.

Educational Resources

Film and other forms of media can be utilized as a powerful tool for education. Movies have been demonstrated to effectively enhance comprehension, develop critical thinking skills, provoke stimulating discussion and make learning come alive! Through Joseph Smith Foundation’s “ZionTube”, we have compiled the best-known, uplifting videos, organized them by category and made them searchable from one site. Explore this movie database to study history, science, literature, culture, current issues, doctrine, and more in a way you will likely never forget.

The Joseph Smith Foundation Wiki features hundreds of well-documented articles based in primary sources and original documents. Additionally, each entry incorporates audiobooks, e-books, video clips, flash animations and other rich media content from locations across the Internet. The free, web-based Joseph Smith Foundation Wiki differs from the open source “Wikipedia” in that it all material is carefully scrutinized to ensure that it is based in verifiable, reliable sources. We also focus on inspirational, character-building history, as opposed to trivial and inconsequential facts.

Learn what prophets have said about topics such as sciencegovernmentdoctrinal issueseducationmusic, and more! The Joseph Smith Foundation FAQs compilation seeks to let the Lord speak through His prophets without opinion and conjecture. Pure scripture and revelation, as opposed to the philosophies of men mingled with scripture. Great care has been taken to assure that very little commentary has been added. When commentary is provided, it is set off with blue text to ensure that the reader can easily distinguish the words of prophets and scripture.

Too busy to sit down and read a book? The Joseph Smith Foundation is pleased to offer you FREE audio selections, covering a variety of subjects from historical documents and speeches to literaturetalks and documents for moments of leisure or study. Time is precious–and what better way to use every second than audiobooks? A few moments here and there–driving in the car, exercising, cleaning the house–can add up to life-changing learning. Turning on an audiobook can change your life, refining the way you think and bringing a new view of the world.

The Joseph Smith Foundation Papers project is a compilation of scholarly religious literature covering a broad array of topics including Latter-day Saint history, science, religion, doctrine, and theology, language, literature, philosophy, education, family function, world history, culture and more. Each publication is well-documented, based on original documents and primary sources, and provides readers with faith-promoting scholarship and studies related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All material is freely available to the public.

This new timeline brings together historical and sacred revelations with all the dates for the House of Israel, including documented life spans. In addition to the Biblical record, this timeline includes key figures and nobility through the dark ages and up through the founding of our nation and the restoration of the gospel. Even significant astronomical events are noted. You’ll love this tool which brings together people and events visually, along with scriptures and words of prophets testifying to their importance.

We have searched the Internet for many of the available electronic books that are of priceless value to latter-day saints. We have free ebooks available in pdfkindleepubplain text and many other formats.

The Internet contains millions of documents. In the world today there is no shortage of information. In all of this knowledge, the indispensable wisdom of the ages is often lost. The Joseph Smith Foundation Docs will contain the most fundamental and critical documents that every Christian can and should study.

The Joseph Smith Foundation historical reference consists of accounts, autobiographies, letters, minutes, petitions, and more!

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