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27) CHARLES DARWIN: What have LDS Church leaders taught about Charles Darwin, Darwin’s influence and his life? Who inspired the theories of organic evolution? Has Darwinism been an influence in moving us into a “post-Christian” era?

Questions Answered:What have LDS Church leaders taught about Charles Darwin, Darwin’s influence and his life? What kind of man was Charles Darwin? Who inspired the theories of organic evolution? Does the teaching of, or belief in, evolution degrade or demean mankind? Has Darwinism been an influence in moving us into a “post-Christian” era? Commentary Charles […]

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31) ALL BEAR RECORD: Were all of the creations in the universe created for symbols in understanding the Plan of Salvation? Were all things created and made to bear record of the Lord? Why is this contrary to the foundations of Darwinism?

Questions Answered: Were all of the creations in the universe including galaxies, stars, planets, this earth and everything upon it, created for symbols in understanding the Plan of Salvation and the Work of God? Were all things created and made to bear record of the Lord? Why is this contrary to the foundations of Darwinism? […]

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09) SCRIPTURES: Is Darwinism in conflict with the standard works? Can the revelations of God be trusted? Are there errors in the revelations in regard to science?

Questions Answered: Are the theories of organic evolution in conflict with the standard works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Can the revelations of God be trusted? Are those who believe in the literal accounts of the scriptures regarding the Creation and Fall wrong? Commentary When the scripture committee of the Church, […]

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14) BYU’S PURPOSE: Was Brigham Young University established to refute the theories of Darwinism?

Commentary President Young saw the dangers of false philosophies and desired Church schools to combat them. The two primary concerns that rested upon President Young were evolution (Darwinian evolution) and Marxism (socialism/communism). The Presidents of the Church have continually warned of the dangers of teaching that man descended from lower forms of life and President […]

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Listen to a podcast by the Joseph Smith Foundation!

June 2018, Answering the “CES Letter”: Polygamy & the Book of Mormon Translation (Hannah Stoddard, Radio) Are you or someone you know experiencing a faith crisis? Are you struggling with LDS Church History? On June 22, 2018, Hannah Stoddard joined Greg Jarrard on Latter-day Radio to discuss the CES Letter, Joseph Smith’s polygamy, the translation […]

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Article – Do We Still Believe in the Patriarchal Order? Documentary – Biblical Young Women Home & Family FAQs 01) BIRTH-CONTROL: What is the first commandment ever given by the Lord to man? How does the Lord feel about birth control? Should couples postpone having children? 02) OVERPOPULATION: Is the earth overpopulated? Is there enough food and resources to […]

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Doctrinal Fortifications against Darwinian Evolution

Lee H. Pearson, PhD Introduction The theory that all life in this world can be traced to a single-celled organism through a series of evolutionary steps is often referred to as “Darwinism” or “Darwinian Evolution”, named after the primary originator of this theory, Charles Darwin.  “Organic evolution” or just “evolution” are more common terms.  Before […]

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David O. McKay Evolution Letter – February 15, 1957

On February 15, 1957 the President of the Church, David O. McKay, penned a letter to William Lee Stokes claiming that “On the subject of organic evolution the Church has officially taken no position.”  However, this statement contradicted the The Origin of Man: 1909 First Presidency Message “which expresses the Church’s doctrinal position on these […]

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John Dewey

Darwinian Evolution Dewey recognized that Darwin’s ideas had infiltrated every aspect of society even 100 years ago. In 1910, around the time of the 1909 Darwin Celebration, Dewey published The Influence of Darwin on Philosophy, and Other Essays in Contemporary Thought. Dewey recognized that Darwinian Evolution strikes at the heart of faith and drives out […]

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Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design theory is often criticized for being “religion in disguise”. This is caused by confusion about the implications of science. In other words, Intelligent Design is not religious, it is science, but it has religious implications. The same could and should be said for Darwinism. Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism have anti-religious implications, that no Creator […]

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Brigham Young’s Vision for Education

When establishing Brigham Young Academy, the forerunner of Brigham Young University, Brigham Young stated clearly his purpose in its endowment: “We have enough and to spare, at present in these mountains, of schools where young infidels are made because the teachers are so tender-footed that they dare not mention the principles of the gospel to […]

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32) TEMPORAL AND SPIRITUAL: Should religion and science be kept separate? Can Prophets receive revelation on scientific subjects? Are the temporal and spiritual two distinct realms?

Commentary Some members of the Church who feel that evolution is a fact and at the same time know that the Presidents of the Church and the scriptures have taught contrary to this fact, believe that the argument is science versus religion. Because of this they feel that the Church and prophets should not make […]

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21) DO WE KNOW: Have we received much instruction on the subject of organic evolution? Do we just need to wait until the Lord reveals information on the Creation of the Earth? How many revealed accounts of the Creation are there?

Commentary One argument made by proponents of the theories of Darwinism who desire to harmonize evolution with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that we have not received much instruction on evolution. They seem to pretend a desire to have the word of God on this subject when it is revealed during the Millenium. This […]

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13) 3 BYU PROFESSORS: Why did President Joseph F. Smith dismiss three professors from Brigham Young University for teaching organic evolution?

Associated Locations: BYU, Provo, Utah Associated Dates: 1910 – President Joseph F. Smith dismisses three BYU professors Commentary Please see Boyd K. Packer’s speech that touches heavily on this event. A source for the history on this subject is Brigham Young University: A School of Destiny, compiled by Ernest L. Wilkinson and W. Cleon Skousen or […]

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20) HARMONIZE: Should the Gospel and evolution be harmonized? Are the conflicts between evolution and statements made by the Prophets caused by terminology misuse?

Commentary Can the scientific worldviews of Darwinism or NeoDarwinism be harmonized with the doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Many seem to feel that Darwinian evolution has been proven to be a scientific fact. These are the base assumptions of NeoDarwinism: All life originated and diversified through chance All organisms are descended from a […]

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