Is the movie rating system undermining the values in your home?

We have a good, conservative, active LDS friend who feels that it is her duty to use a trusted personal tutor in her home hours in nearly every week.  We happen to know this tutor well.  This tutor is extremely charismatic and entertaining.  Sadly, and completely unbeknownst to our unsuspecting friend are the values of this experienced tutor.  We happen to know this tutor threw his support behind Hillary Clinton’s promotion of abortion, birth control and other family planning issues declaring “Hillary Has Always Been On the Front Lines of Families’ Health”.  He endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2008 and spent countless hours supporting the Democratic National Committee, endorsing the liberal values of the party platform, including LGBT rights, same-sex marriage, abortion rights, and so forth.  This tutor has also done all he could to subtly, line upon line, promote Darwinism, Socialism, Rationalism and other anti-Christian ideals.  He has worked consistently to make darkness appear light and light appear as darkness.


Each of our good friend’s impressionable children spend time each week soaking in the progressive ideals of this very subtle and calculating tutor.  At times, our good friend questions the values of this mentor.  She hears her children express new opinions that contradict the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she sees evidence that her children are becoming alienated from the timeless ideals of our Constitution and inspired Founding.  At times, our friend’s conscience undoubtedly prompts her to question whether she should be trusting this tutor.  But she evidently brushes these impressions aside because of the ratings.  “The ratings, the ratings.  It’s safe to trust this tutor!” she says with a confident smile.  “Everyone in the ward trusts this tutor!”  she continues.  

How do you feel about our poor, trusting, naive friend?  What will be the inevitable fruits?  

Please don’t judge our friend too harshly.  We know something about our friend that you likely do not: Our good friend just might be you!


“How could this be me?”, you ask.  Stay with us, you may be surprised.

LDS parents trust the ratings


Have you ever wondered where movie ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) come from?  Movie ratings are assigned by an independent division of the Motion Picture Association of America, the Classification & Ratings Administration (CARA).  Films are voluntarily submitted to a board and rated for certain audiences.  We used “the tutor” as an analogy of the Motion Picture Association of America and CARA.  According to our survey, LDS parents overwhelmingly and consistently trust the ratings administered by the MPAA.  This system determines the films LDS children are allowed to watch and influences the values of nearly every Mormon home.  

Is this wise?  What if we investigated the values behind the movie ratings?  What if we pulled back the mask from this “tutor” to reveal an institution that embraces the principles of progressives working around the clock to change America?  What if we discovered bias toward same-sex marriage and anti-family values?   What if we discovered that this trusted “tutor” is perhaps one of the primary tools today in undermining latter-day saint homes?  Are we brave enough to follow the truth wherever it may lead?

Let us learn a little more about the “tutor.”

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