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One of the first questions almost universally asked when someone is working to implement better dance standards in their life is, “Where do I start? Where can I learn better dances?” Below are some resources to help you get started! 

If thou art merry, praise the Lord with singing, with music, with dancing, and with a prayer of praise and thanksgiving.

Doctrine and Covenants 136:28

Dance Principles

Dance Tutorials

  • Dance Directory & Tutorials
    This directory of dance tutorials includes English country dance, American country and other worldwide folk dances. From the comfort of your own home (and for free!) you can watch and learn the steps and begin practicing!
  • Dominion Dance video tutorials—

You can’t dance without music! If you need help finding music, the following list includes CDs, YouTube videos and other helpful resources to download or purchase music for hundreds of dances.

Concerns with Modern Dance

  • Round Dancing Prophetic Quotes— Quotes from Latter-day Saint leaders expressing concerns on “round dancing” (i.e. waltz, fox trot, etc.) 
  • World Video Bible School: The Truth About . . . Dancing This video is produced by an Evangelical Christian outlining some legitimate, thoughtful concerns with modern dancing. Please note that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young encouraged wholesome, refined, dignified, non-sexual dancing. Latter-day Saints are not opposed to pure dancing. However, the dancing encouraged by the early leaders was drastically different than the modern dance promoted today. 

Teachings on Dance

Ancient Dance

One thought to “Dance”

  • Herbartist

    A wonderful resource for teaching wholesome dances is “The Multicultural Folk Dance Treasure Chest” by Christy Lane. It has DVDs and written guidebooks featuring dances from all over the world. Also looking up international fk dance associations in each state will bring you to online resources where you can join local groups and find links to free instructional videos of folkdance and long lists of dances which you can look up by name and country to find more free videos online.


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