New Testament Scripture Stories (0-10)
New Testement Stories Joseph Smith Foundation

Chapter 1: Elisabeth and Zacharias Chapter 2: Mary and the Angel Chapter 3: John the Baptist Is Born Chapter 4: Joseph and the Angel Chapter 5: Jesus Christ Is Born Chapter 6: Presentation at the Temple Chapter 7: The Wise Men Chapter 8: Wicked King Herod Chapter 9: The Boy Jesus Chapter 10: Jesus Is […]

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Creation and Evolution: A Witness of Prophets

Creation and Evolution: A Witness of Prophets and accompanying resources presents documented evidence that at least 12 Presidents of the Church and other leaders have spoken clearly and repeatedly on the subject of creation and evolution. Related events: 1909 – First Presidency issues “Origin of Man” Message 1925 – First Presidency issues 1925 Statement on […]

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Book of Mormon Evidence Series

Video Trailer for the new 5 DVD disk series “Book of Mormon Evidence” expanding on the Heartland Model geography in the Promised Land of the United States of America. The series is the most comprehensive treatise on this subject ever compiled and represents over 4 years of research into the truths of the Book of […]

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