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Raising the Bar
Guardians of an Altar

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This is a story of a young man’s choice, a father’s pain, and a family torn apart. This dramatization set in the Middle East is based on real-life situations where believers face persecution, loneliness and even death when their own families reject them for choosing Jesus.


An emotionally charged film about the life of a Muslim who becomes a Christian.

Samir Majan, a young man born and raised a Muslim in the Middle East attends college in America. After receiving a degree from a university in Chicago, he begins his trip back home to see his family. But something has drastically changed in the young man’s life since coming to the States. As his welcoming committee awaits his arrival, the young man is overcome by fear. Samir knows trouble and persecution lie ahead because he has done the unthinkable. Samir has become a Christian.

The film was originally released in 1995 by Brother Andrew’s Open Doors International and is now available on DVD.

One thought to “Behind the Sun (1995)”

  • David Hightower

    Courage to live the teachings of Jesus, even when rejected by family, society, governments, nations, is the will of God manifest in human flesh! If we truly follow the way of the Father, we will be hated, despised, rejected, in the world! It is a small price to pay for eternal peace, joy, love! Thank you for the film, may God be with you! Amen!


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