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Raising the Bar
Guardians of an Altar

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18) BIBLE: What did Joseph Smith teach concerning the Bible? Are his teachings antagonistic to the Old and New Testaments?

Prophetic Statements Joseph Smith “I shall comment on the very first Hebrew word in the Bible; I will make a comment on the very first sentence of the history of the creation in the Bible—Berosheit. I want to analyze the word. Baith—in, by, through, and everything else. Rosh—the head. Sheit—grammatical termination. When the inspired man […]

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Book of Mormon Passages for Biblical Christians

James F. Stoddard III and L. Hannah Stoddard Book of Mormon Passages for Biblical Christians In our age, the truth and authenticity of the Bible is greatly under attack. Academics and those considering themselves educated ridicule the Biblical account of the Creation, the life spans of the Patriarchs reaching nearly a millennia, the literal Fall […]

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A Letter to My Christian Friends

James F. Stoddard III In response to what Mormons believe please permit me to add my thoughts. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes referred to as “Mormons” or “Latter-day Saints”) and my ancestry is through Joseph Smith’s grandfather, Asael Smith and cousins. I have had the priviledge […]

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25) ADAM FATHER: Is the scriptural teaching that Adam is the father of the entire human family problematic for evolutionary teachings?

Commentary Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism teach that life did not originate from two parents 6,000 years ago as the scriptures insist, but that the branches of the human family evolved separately in different areas of the earth over entended periods of time. Evolutionists are generally careful with this information as it has and continues to be […]

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18) CREATIONISM: How should Latter-day Saints view Creationism? Should Latter-Day Saints understand the Creation account literally?

See also: Ica Stones, Dinosaurs and Dragon Legends Commentary Darwinian Evolution and Neo-Darwinism hold to the following principles: All life originated and diversified through chance All organisms are descended from a single common ancestor in the distant past An unguided process of natural selection has the power to produce fundamentally new forms of life through random mutations […]

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Samuel Sewall

Samuel Sewall Born March 28, 1652 Hampshire, England Died January 1, 1730 (aged 77) Boston, Massachusetts Spouse Hannah Hull Abigail (Melyen) Woodmansey Tilley Mary (Shrimpton) Gibbs Father Henry Sewall Mother Jane Dummer Signature   Samuel Sewall was a Puritan judge, author and theologian.  Throughout his life, he had a strong interest in biblical prophecies. He believed that […]

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04) SCRIPTURE: Is it possible to have good education without the scriptures and other revelations from the Lord, as the basis of the curriculum?

Prophetic Statements Joseph Smith For a moment reflect: what could have been the purpose of our Father in giving to us a law? Was it that it might be obeyed, or disobeyed? And think further, too, not only of the propriety, but of the importance of attending to His laws in every particular.  Could you […]

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26) PATRIARCH AGES: Are the long life-spans of the patriarchs true doctrine? What does this mean for the theory of Darwinian evolution?

Commentary An excellent timeline of the ages of the patriarchs can be viewed at this link. It compiles the references in the standard works in a quick and easy format. It can be easily noted that the long ages of the patriarchs, some extending nearly a thousand years, are supported by the Old and New […]

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Massachusetts Body of Liberties – 1641

A Coppie of the Liberties of the Massachusets Collonie in New England The free fruition of such liberties Immunities and priveledges as humanitie, Civilitie, and Christianitie call for as due to every man in his place and proportion; without impeachment and Infringement hath ever bene and ever will be the tranquillitie and Stabilitie of Churches […]

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01) BIBLE: Do latter-day saints reference the Bible as the word of God?

Commentary Joseph Smith restored a literal interpretation, belief and reliance on scripture. Though many in the world today incorrectly believe “Mormons” do not believe in the Bible, every teaching, doctrine and principle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is firmly rooted in the Bible. In addition to turning our foundation back to […]

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William Tyndale

“Think of William Tyndale, for example. It was a spiritually blind clergy and a stubborn, equally blind monarch who put him to death. It is no wonder that as he drew his last breath in martyrdom he cried out: “Lord, open the King of England’s eyes.” Death came after a cruel eighteen months imprisonment, forced […]

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The Scottish National Covenant

The confession of faith of the Kirk of Scotland, subscribed at first by the King’s Majesty and his household in the year of God 1580; thereafter by persons of all ranks in the year 1581, by ordinance of the lords of the secret council, and acts of the general assembly; subscribed again by all sorts […]

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The King Follett Sermon

Joseph Smith Beloved Saints: I will call [for] the attention of this congregation while I address you on the subject of the dead. The decease of our beloved brother, Elder King Follett, who was crushed in a well by the falling of a tub of rock has more immediately led me to this subject. I […]

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