FOREORDINATION (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

God Foreknew Everything, but Did Not Foreordain Everything — M. L. Davis (February 5, 1840)

I believe in the fall of man, as recorded in the Bible. I believe that God fore-knew every thing; but did not fore-ordain every thing. I deny that fore-ordain and fore-know is the same thing. He fore-ordained the fall of man: But all merciful as he is, he fore-ordained, at the same time, a plan of redemption for all mankind.

Discourse, 5 February 1840, p. 1, The Joseph Smith Papers.

People Have Agency to Choose in Mortality — M. L. Davis (February 5, 1840)

I believe, said he, that a man is a moral, responsible, free agent, that although it was fore-ordained he should fall and be redeemed; yet after the redemption it was not fore-ordained that he should again sin. In the Bible a rule of conduct is laid down for him. In the Old and New testaments the law by which he is to be governed may be found. If he violates that law, he is to be punished for the deeds done in the body

Discourse, 5 February 1840, p. 2, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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