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The mysterious old mansion on the hill has a new occupant, a disfigured recluse named Ribaldi, and the townspeople are afraid of him. Bonnie is nervous when she goes to work at his mansion, but she soon discovers that he is a musical genius with a beautiful singing voice. As he teaches Bonnie to sing, her kindness melts the ice around his heart to reveal the goodness that has been hidden. A wonderful lesson of tolerance and self-worth. (Description from Feature Films For Families Online)

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2 thoughts to “Rigoletto (1993)

  • cinthaa

    its sad

  • Alexis

    This has been one of my top favorite movies since I was a little girl. I love singing and did voice lessons as a child, so I always felt like I could relate to Bonnie. She was a good example of charity to me growing up. I love that Bonnie stands strong in always choosing to have integrity even when other girls are rotten to her. I have watched this movie so many times and feel like I don’t totally understand it, which keeps it interesting to watch and I learn something new every time. What stood out to me this time was that the people all have an idea of who Ribaldi is in their heads, before they really know him. It seems throughout a lot of the movie that they are right, because there seems to be evidence in his short temper. I love that Bonnie recognizes she is wrong when she hears him sing and says no one can be ugly when they can sing like that. This teaches the principles of fruits, by their fruits ye shall know them.


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