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Jeff and Heather were the “lucky ones.” Best friends from childhood, high school sweethearts and married by 22, they were inseparable soul mates. After the birth of their son, Heather fell into a deep depression. Hopelessly lost, she vanished. Ten years after his wife’s disappearance, Jeff’s world is dramatically rocked when Heather shockingly reappears in the most unusual place. With a score composed and performed by award-winning contemporary Christian music artist Michelle Tumes, No Greater Love is a touching story about faith and forgiveness for the family. Starring Anthony Tyler Quinn, Danielle Bisutti, and Jay Underwood.


  • Rock Music
  • Immodest dress styles
  • Doctrinal Accuracy
  • Light Mindedness

One thought to “No Greater Love (2009)”

  • Alexis

    This is a very sweet movie. Although I thought some of it was a bit strange. At first it seemed that he was going to do all the forgiving and her all the changing. I liked that it flipped and he had to do some changing and her some forgiving. My favorite part was when he said he would never be the man she needed and she replied that because God had given him to her, he already was the man she needed and that they both could change because of the gospel.


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