Nicholas Nickleby (2002)

After Nicholas’ father dies and leaves the family penniless, the Nickleby family moves to London to stay with their Uncle ralph. Ralph turns abusive and separates the family, which includes sending Nicholas to the cruel and wicked Wackford Squeers. At this horrible escape from the school and set off to reunite the Nickleby family.


  • Immodest dress styles


Clip 1 – A Brother’s Dying Wish

Clip 2 – Squeers’ School for Boys

Clip 3 – Humble Mrs. Squeers

Clip 4 – Fainting is Romantic

Clip 5 – Challenging Squeers

Clip 6 – The Theatrical Profession

Clip 7 – Debut Performance

Clip 8 – A New Salary

Clip 9 – Rescuing Smike

Clip 10 – Smike’s Broken Heart

Clip 11 – One Great Crash

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