Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger (2011)

Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger is an exciting, small-budget (by Hollywood standards) pilot for a proposed episodic series for network broadcast, internet streaming, and DVD. As a pilot, it is intended to serve as a concept for the series that, if approved by studios and networks for full-budget production, would expand. The pilot’s story itself would be re-shot and incorporated into the larger story of the entire 13-episode series.

The message of this series is simple: Heroism begins at the heart. For the last fifty years, men have watched movie heroes such as James Bond, Rambo, Jason Bourne, and the characters of the Mission Impossible series and received a counterfeit picture of manhood. While many appreciate the courage and can-do spirit of these characters, they’ve also been treated to a wash of self-indulgence: lust, rage, and rebellion. With admiration, young boys have grown into adult males emulating these wicked attributes. True manhood has been the casualty.

Our film Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger seeks to present Christian heroism — where men follow the example of their Savior Jesus Christ by giving themselves for the weaker. This begins at the heart. As the main character of our story has to discover, men have to acknowledge Christ’s Lordship over them in order to fight for justice over vengeance.


Runtime: 37 min

Release: 2011

Cast: Brantley Harris, David DeLao, Topher Field

Director: Nathaniel Darnell

Writer: Nathaniel Darnell

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