Gods and Generals (2003)

The rise of legendary war hero Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson as he leads the Confederacy to great success against the Union from 1861 to 1863.


  • Controlled Violence: Does not contain graphic or unnecessary violent scenes
  • Historical Profanity: Does not contain any modern swear words or crudeness
  • Immodest dress styles

Associated Locations:

  • Manassas, Virginia – location of the First Battle of Bull Run

Associated Dates:

  • July 21, 1861 – Battle of Bull Run
  • January 21, 1824 – Stonewall Jackson born
  • May 10, 1863 – Stonewall Jackson death (Stonewall Jackson is a prominent character in the film)

Runtime: 219 min

Release: 2003

Cast: Stephen Lang, Robert Duvall, Jeff Daniels

Director: Ron Maxwell

Writers: Jeff Shaara

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