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This delightful tale, based on Jane Austen’s classic, is about a rich and beautiful woman who fancies herself a matchmaker. As her romantic plans go ridiculously wrong, however, it’s Emma herself who risks missing out on her perfect match. Starring Kate Beckingsdale, Prunella Scales and Samantha Bond.


  • Immodest dress styles

5 thoughts to “Emma (TV 1996)

  • Defenders

    This movie Emma which is a bit more comical than others, is based on a classic novel by Jane Austen. Emma in this movie is the victim of pride, and proof of this is the extent to which this rubs of on her friend Harriet.

    In Austen’s time, as now, charity has been the indispensable virtue for both men and woman. It is a quality one should seek in companionship. The Bible reads in Colossians 3:12: “So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” In the movie Knightley is a great example of one who understands this biblical trait and attribute of God, as he shows charity and kindness not just for Emma, his romantic interest, but for all women, including those not in his “station” and those who are older or unattractive, as well as for Emma’s aging father.

    This wasn’t our favorite version, but we loved seeing another adaption of this wonderful book by Jane.

  • Natalie Smith

    Emma by Jane Austen is my favorite movie, for several reasons. I love romantic dramas, but romantic dramas where real life is taught! Principles such as sacrificial love, conditional love, and pure love are exemplified.

  • Julie Hatch

    Of all the Jane Austen movie adaptations, this one is not my favorite, but it is still enjoyable to watch. Emma is not my favorite main character simply because she is a bit snooty and doesn’t respect the privacy of others. Having said that, I love Knightly’s charcter…how sensible and disciplined he was, yet still honest and compassionate. I haven’t watched the earlier versions and wonder if I’d like them better. At any rate, I appreciated the humor that underscores this movie and would still recommend it to others.

  • Sorena Marble

    Emma is a matchmaker, who gets it right some times and very wrong other times. She is willing to admit when she has made a mistake, and will try to get things worked out. She seems to be a hopeless romantic as well, and always in everyone’s business to try to get them matched up. She likes to be right in the middle of all the gossip, all the time. I like her character, she is outspoken and says the things on her mind, yet she is still proper and respectful. She is also a bit stubborn. I like the way they speak, it’s so formal. It takes her a while to figure out who is truly in love with her. But she endures and finds her perfect match. Being willing to sacrifice is an important quality in marriage, and caring about what the other person needs at the expense of your own, (I watched the one with Kate Beckinsale)

  • Alexis

    This is one of my very favorite Jane Austen movies. I love Knightly and Emma’s relationship. I love that they challenge each other and also give each other grace. I appreciate Knightly’s gentlemanly character and his guidance to Emma. This version starring Kate Beckinsale is my very favorite.


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