Davy Crockett, Indian Fighter (Episode 1)

Davy (Fess Parker) and his pal George Russel (Buddy Ebsen) go to West Tennessee to help Andrew Jackson defeat murderous indians. After showing up the foolishness of the Army as represented by Major Tobias Norton (William Bakewell), Davy goes mano a mano with war chief Red Stick (Pat Hogan) and secures peace. (Description by DVD Talk)

Davy Crockett: Indian Fighter (Part 1 of 4)

This video is missing part 2. Please purchase the DVD to view.

Davy Crockett: Indian Fighter (Part 3-4)

Davy Crockett: Indian Fighter (Part 4-4)

Runtime: 53 min

Release: 1954

Cast: Fess Parker, Buddy Ebsen, Basil Ruysdael

Director: Norman Foster

Writer: Thomas W. Blackburn,

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