Davy Crockett Goes to Congress (Episode 4)

After sticking up for Indian rights and pacifying West Tennessee, Crockett serves a stint in Congress, again championing Indian rights. Ex-officer Norton is now a political wag who tries to get Davy out of town so a bad bill can be passed, but Russel brings Davy back to argue on the floor of the House, and good triumphs. (Description by DVD Talk)

Part 1 of 4 not available on youtube

Part 2 of 4 not available on youtube

Part 3 of 4 not available on youtube

Part 4 of 4

Runtime: 53 min

Release: 1955

Cast: Fess Parker, Buddy Ebsen, Basil Ruysdael

Director: Norman Foster

Writer: Thomas W. Blackburn

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