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A Little Princess (1986) Sara Crewe is the pampered darling of her father, an army captain, and the Victorian London girls’ school where he places her. But when her father dies, penniless, Sara becomes a skivvy in Miss Minchin’s school, befriended only by the scullery maid, Becky, her friends Ermengarde and Lottie, a little monkey, a lascar, and the mysterious man next door.


Cast: Maureen Lipman, Amelia Shankley, Miriam Margolyes

2 thoughts to “A Little Princess (1986)

  • Alexis

    “what if it turns out that I actually am a princess.” I love that idea! How we treat people matters. When we see each others divine identity and treat them accordingly we treat them better. We are all made in the image of God and have been commanded to love each other. I love in this movie that Sarah has a dilemma to treat the other girls differently when her circumstances change, but recognizes that is wrong and goes back to loving them as she did before.  

  • Cochran Family

    Sara is a good example of what the pure love of Christ has the potential to look like. She is just good. So good. And it didn’t matter what kind of background you came from– she was going to love you with open arms. Sara is also a really good example of refinement even in the most unrefined of situations. She knew who she was and did not falter!


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