Plural Wives of Joseph Smith

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Doctrinal References

Please see 01) PLURAL MARRIAGE: Was plural marriage revealed by the Lord? Was Joseph Smith ensnared by many convoluted activities and expediencies because of his involvement in plural marriage? Was the Prophet involved in adulterous practices or live a dual life? for further references.

List of Plural Wives

Plural Wives

Agnes Moulton Coolbrith (Smith)

Almera Woodward Johnson

Delcena Johnson (Sherman)

Desdemona Fullmer

Eliza Maria Partridge

Eliza Roxcy Snow

Elizabeth Davis (Goldsmith Brackenbury Durfee)

Elvira Annie Cowles (Holmes)

Emily Dow Partridge (Young)

Fanny Alger

Fanny Young (Carr Murray)

Flora Ann Woodworth

Hannah Ann Dubois (Smith)

Hannah Ells

Helen Mar Kimball

Louisa Beaman

Lucinda Pendleton (Morgan Harris)

Lucy Walker

Maria Lawrence

Marinda Nancy Johnson (Hyde)

Martha McBride (Knight)

Mary Elizabeth Rollins (Lightner)

Mary Heron (Snider)

Mary Houston

Melissa Lott

Mrs. G*****

Mrs. Tailor

Nancy M. Winchester

Olive G. Frost

Patty Bartlett (Sessions)

Presendia Lathrop Huntington (Buell)

Rhoda Richards

Ruth Vose (Sayers)

Sarah Ann Whitney

Sarah Bapson

Sarah Kingsley (Howe Cleveland)

Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Scott (Mulholland)

Sylvia Sessions (Lyon)

Zina Diantha Huntington (Jacobs)

Early Posthumous Marriages to Joseph Smith

Aphia Sanborn (Dow Yale)

Cordelia Morley

Jane Tibbetts

Lydia Kenyon (Carter)

Mary Ann Frost (Stearns Pratt)

Olive Andrews

Phebe Watrous (Woodworth)

Sally Ann Fuller

Remarks by President Joseph F. Smith at the funeral services of E. A. Whitney

Below are a few excerpts of remarks made by President Joseph F. Smith at the funeral services of Elizabeth Ann Whitney. In the which he mentioned plural marriage, the plural wives of Joseph Smith, and the Prophet’s association with it.

Elizabeth Ann Whitney was the wife of Newel K. Whitney and mother of  Sarah Ann Whitney (a plural wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith). These remarks are taken from the funeral services which were published in the Deseret Evening News, February 22, 1882. For a full transcript of the funeral services, please see “Funeral Services of Elizabeth Ann Whitney” on the Joseph Smith Foundation Reference.

The speaker [Joseph F. Smith] testified in all soberness that henceforth and forever there was laid up for her a crown of glory, a queenly crown for her [Elizabeth Ann Whitney] and all those honorable women who sacrifice their own feelings in order to establish in the Church and make honorable in the earth, the doctrines of patriarchal [plural] marriage. He knew that such women would stand in the presence of the Eternal God crowned with glory and eternal lives, which none living can enjoy but those who are worthy and made this sacrifice.

Here, the speaker said, perhaps, for the first time in public, that the women who entered into plural marriage with the Prophet Joseph Smith were shown to him and named to him as early as 1831, the Lord showed him those women who were to engage with him in the establishment of that principle in the Church, and at that time some of these women were named and given to him, to become his wives when the time should come that this principle should be established. God knew their hearts, as he proved by the fact that they have been true and faithful through all the trying vicissitudes through which they have passed, and that too in the face of a frowning world; they have endured it all, and are to-day examples of womanhood and purity. It was something to be associated with righteous, honorable and pure woman, with women who dare receive and obey the revelations of God at the sacrifice of their own feelings, the most tender feelings of the human heart. God bless them now and forever.

Mother Whitney was one of those faithful women chosen of God as one of the pioneers, so to speak, of this peculiar doctrine; and she and her daughter [Sarah Ann Whitney] will receive the reward of those whom God will not forget in the day when He shall reckon up his jewels.1

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  1. Funeral Services of Elizabeth Ann Whitney,” published in the Deseret Evening News, February 22, 1892. Please note that there are other earlier publications of the funeral services in the Deseret Evening News in the same month. President Joseph F. Smith made certain edits to the text, and the February 22, 1882 publication is the last publication with his revisions.
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