Why We Practice Plural Marriage

Publisher: Juvenile Instructor Office

Year: 1884


Full Text

“My purpose in publishing another pamphlet on the subject of plural marriage is to throw more light upon it, and to show forth the foolishness and inconsistency of those who hold it up as a “foul stain that pollutes the very soil where it exists.” Those who are striving to convert our children from the faith and principles so plainly set forth in their own Bible, and which were practiced by the old patriarchs, inspired prophets and mouth-pieces of God, whom Christians quote from as His sacred oracles, and yet wish to take away the civil and religious rights of a people whose belief and practice are confirmed by that very book. . . . I have reason to believe that through my humble labors the spirit of truth, which inspired me to write, has found its way to the hearts of many who have been so accustomed to the extravagant and malicious tales published against us, that a plain, unadulterated truth has become a rarity which sensible people will appreciate.” (Helen Mar Kimball Smith Whitney)

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