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Best friends Liz and Megan are searching for love, but each takes a very different path to find it. (Description by

Storybook romances are sometimes followed by heartache, whereas true love is built on unbreakable Bible principle (Description by


Runtime: 74 min

Release: 2015

3 thoughts to “What Is True Love? (2015)

  • Tony Christiansen

    I first read the description of the movie, and it reminded me of what our church leaders have said about the topic. I was curious before I watched the movie, if what they said would be portrayed in the movie. I remember when I was probably around 12 years ago, there was a lesson given in church I believe, that it was strongly recommended that we don’t marry outside the church. The statistics show that those who marry a non-member, the chances of the spouse joining were 1 out of 7 (14.3%) if I remember. A few years ago, my institute teacher said something that really made me stop and think. He quoted a church leader saying that we shouldn’t even go on dates with non-members. It was still a little surprising, but I understand where that is coming from.

    I then began to watch the movie. It really did go along with what our leaders have said. Liz was strongly recommended by her parents not to date Zach as he was not baptized. In the beginning, Zach did show some signs with potential of becoming a strong member. Liz’s dad made a very good point that it takes time see who a person really is spiritually. Initially, Zach seem to be on the right track, but as time went by, his seriousness about putting Jehovah in his life was put more on the back burner. You see in the movie that Zach was not opposed to Liz going to Evangelical School. Here is an important lesson I took from this. When someone is neutral about the other person wanting to be strong in the Church, that is still not good enough. If you marry someone who is neutral, it’s likely you will have to drag them and push them into doing spiritual related things. That is what Megan ended up doing with Zach, and things slowly fell apart. You see the contrast with Megan and Liz. Liz found a man who puts God first. Their relationship was significantly much better. Liz did not have to drag along John, instead, they lifted and strengthened each other up.

    Despite the fact that Megan was caught up in a very difficult situation, there is still hope. Megan did not allow Christ to be part of the decision making when choosing her spouse, but the thing about the Lord is, you can always turn to him. There is a very important lesson I learned from a Pastor named Mark Gungor that I truly believe is applicable. He does the “Laugh Your Way into a Better Marriage” seminar. He made the point that the Lord can make ugly situations, and turn it into something beautiful. Pastor Gungor gave the example of King David and Bathsheba. We all know that King David murdered Bathsheba’s husband as Bathsheba was expecting. Pastor Gungor made the point that, with this devastating circumstance, the Lord made it beautiful as Jesus Christ became a descendant of King David and Bathsheba. The miraculous thing is, God could have made Christ a descendant with any of King David’s wives, but he chose Bathsheba. If the Lord can make something beautiful in King David’s tragic case, he can certainly give hope to those who are in Megan’s situation. I know it may be hard to see the light during those difficult times, but the Lord will help those who let him in no matter how dire it may seem.

  • Julie

    This movie gets a thumbs up and a thumbs down. I enjoyed watching two stories of two different choices from two different girls when it came to dating. One chose the traditional way as we see into today’s culture, and the other involved her father in the process of selecting a mate. The results were dramatic and it showed well how a righteous father’s influence can save a generation spiritually. This show did well to help trigger good conversations on this topic. However, the show dragged on and on, so just prepare for that.

  • sera smith

    It was cheesy, but if you can get passed that, it was good. It was also good to see the different sides as well.


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