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Presentation Given at the Ancient American Conference, Salt Lake City, UT March 31, 2011

Wayne N. May was born and raised in Wisconsin.  He is a 36 year convert to the LDS Church and has served in four Branch Presidencies, three Elder Quorum Presidencies, Seminary Instructor, Gospel Doctrine Instructor, Veil worker at the St. Paul Minnesota Temple, and currently is serving as Gospel Doctrine Teacher of the Menomonie Wisconsin Branch, Oakdale, Minnesota Stake. His wife Kristine is active with Wayne in the archaeological discoveries of the Midwest. Together they publish the quarterly magazine Ancient American which has been in continuous print for sixteen years and covers the pre-Columbian Americas. Wayne and Kristine are the parents of seven children, and grandparents to sixteen.

Wayne is author of four books on the subject of Book of Mormon Archaeology in North America. They are entitled; This Land: Zarahemla and the Nephite Nation; This Land: Only One Cumorah; This Land: They Came from the EAST: and book four is This Land: America 2,000 B.C. to 500 A.D. Wayne gives firesides to members and non-members alike, wherever he is invited to present. He has been presenting information on the topic of North America’s archaeological data since 1994 which demonstrates how it applies to the Book of Mormon timeline.

8 thoughts to “Wayne May on Book of Mormon Archeology

  • Mitch Roley

    Hi Wayne,
    Just something else that you would find interesting.
    Huge ancient canal waterways that extend from Maine, Florida, Texas to Mexico.

    Evidence for Ancient North American Civilization Discovered ( 3500 – 8500 Years Old !! )

    Ancient Canal Builders

  • Helen

    Inspiring story there. What happened after?

  • Leslie

    Interesting, on TV show, Native Report, Helene Lincoln of Winnebago Band said she interviewed and Elder older than she is, who spoke of his grandfather saying “At one time in our history, our people lived in temples.” (6-15-13 rerun)

  • Rande Vause

    Before it opened, my wife and I worked as missionaries in the Phoenix Temple Information Center. It was interesting how often people spoke of their feelings about a Lamanite presence in the area and that the area seemed to be sacred or holy. In your findings, is there anything to suggest the area in the northwest part of Phoenix had any particular history that might justify such feelings?

  • Rande Vause

    …obviously there is and was a Lamanite presence in the area, but this was something different.

  • Keline Shiu

    I’m thankful to know about the heartland promised land and the native American. If there are only few specific tribes are the direct descendent of Lehi, what about the other tribes including those in central and south native American? Who are they and where are they originally from:? Please reply if possible, thanks!

  • Keith Dow Lawlor

    Wayne: I find your material very interesting, I like you think that the Jaredites did go North and left for the promised land from England. I believe that they were the builders of Stone Henge. I believe that the Henge was the place they built their barges. Secondly: Do you think that all of the descendants of Ham were cursed with black skin. I don’t know but wonder if not all of them were. The curse went through Cush, Source, The Book of Jasher.


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