The Words of Joseph Smith

Author: Joseph Smith

Length: approx. 447 pgs.

This book contains a full collection of Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo discourses in the mature and climatic years of his life – many have never been published.

They are reproduced in this book in exact fidelity to their original written sources in diaries and journals, including spelling and grammatical deviations.

  • All are cross-referenced to earlier sayings and discourses of Joseph Smith.
  • Also, these discourses are indexed to all the biblical and other scriptural verses discussed or alluded to and provided is the contextual settings for each discourse in proper chronological sequence.
  • Footnotes to the discourses in terms of their historical and doctrinal kinships.
  • All of these discourses, recorded by some 60 different persons are interlaced with other fundamental teachings of this rich and formative period of Church History.

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