The Transfiguration

Providential Role in History

“Until men attain a higher status of spiritual understanding than they now enjoy, they can learn only in part what took place upon the Mount of Transfiguration.” 1


Brothers and sisters . . . we have had some marvelous experiences this day we went first to Mt Tabor and there we climbed to the top. I felt very sure that this was the spot where Jesus had taken his three disciples—Peter, James and John–to this “high mountain apart” and there had given certain blessings. I felt a very warm spirit as twenty or more of us gathered together there. And I believe they all felt about the same. In the seventeenth chapter of Matthew, Peter said, “Lord, it is good to be here.” And he said, “Let us make three chapels, one for thee, two for thy servants [Moses and Elias].” I felt that was the place. I know there has been some disputation and difference of feeling about it since there are some other possible places, but I have always felt this. 2

  1. Bruce R. McConkie, Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 1:399
  2. President Spencer W. Kimball at Shepherds Field near Bethlehem Israel, 21 October 1979 as cited in, “Spencer W. Kimball as Extemboraneous Speaker”
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