The Story Of Liberty

Associated Locations:

  • Eisleben, Saxony, Holy Roman Empire – Martin Luther’s birthplace
  • Altstadt, Wittenberg, Germany – Martin Luther Home (Lutherhaus)
  • All Saints’ Church, Wittenberg, Germany – Martin Luther posts the “The Ninety-Five Theses”
  • Husinec, Kingdom of Bohemia – John Huss birthplace
  • Konstanz, Bishopric of Constance, Holy Roman Empire – John Huss martyrdom

Associated Dates:

  • November 10, 1483 – Martin Luther born
  • 31 October 1517 – Martin Luther posts the “The Ninety-Five Theses”
  • 1369 – John Huss christianed (date of birth unknown)

Author: Charles Carleton Coffin

Length:approx. 426 pgs.


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“To the Boys and Girls of America,

This “Story of Liberty” is a true narrative.  It covers a period of five hundred years, and is an outline of the march of the human race from Slavery to Freedom. . . . you will notice that while the oppressors have carried out their plans, and had things their own way, there were other forces silently at work, which in time undermined their plans, as if a Divine hand were directing the counter-plan.  Whoever peruses the “Story of Liberty” without recognizing this feature will fail of fully comprehending the meaning of history. . . . If while reading this “Story” you are roused to indignation, or pained at the recital of wrong and outrage, remember that out of endurance and sacrifice has come all that you hold most dear; so will you comprehend what Liberty has cost, and what is is worth.” 1

  1. Taken from the introduction of The Story of Liberty by Charles Carleton Coffin
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