The Moral Basis of a Free Society

Associated Dates:

  • 1995, Published

Author: H. Verlan Andersen






Unnamed, Ungraded Questionnaire

As a professor in the accounting department, Daddy taught Business Law at BYU for many years. His students were primarily upper division business and accounting majors at BYU, which meant that in most instances they were returned missionaries. My reason for making this observation is that the following explanation by him of the test he gave his students should be of concern for all freedom-loving Americans.

— Hans V. Andersen, Jr

As a college law teacher, I have made it a practice over the years to give a questionnaire to my students on the first day of class in which they were asked to respond to a number of questions regarding their acceptance or rejection of the proposals contained in the Ten Points of the Communist Manifesto. Of course I did not inform them that they were registering opinions about Communism and the questionnaire revealed that very few had ever read the Communist Manifesto. Their responses were therefore presumably not colored by any anti-communist bias. The results of the poll might be surprising to some. They revealed that on the average, my students were approximately two-thirds communist in their political beliefs. That is, on an average, they accepted about two-thirds of the Communist program for socializing a capitalist nation.

Doubtless, much of the explanation for this apparent discrepancy lies in the fact that people are generally ignorant about Communist practices and methods. They do not realize that the political beliefs they are espousing will lead to the same loss of liberty in America as in Russia. (H. Verlan Andersen, Speech on Socialism, 10/8/79) . . .

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