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After being raised in an Oklahoma orphanage, 15-year-old Donald makes his way to California during the depression. He meets Emogene, the daughter of poor migrant farm laborers, and together they set out to break the cycle of poverty and ignorance. This is the inspiring true story of Donald P. Bailey, a charming, and eccentric father of nine, whose charisma and optimism set him apart from the average dad. But his golden voice made him a legend to his posterity for generations. His unique life is remembered through the eyes of his daughter, Elizabeth. (Description by IMDB)



Release: 2011

Cast: Jarin Stevens, Jennica Schwartzman, Jules Hartley

Director: Andrew Waite, Elizabeth Waite

Writer: Elizabeth Waite

One thought to “The Measure of a Man (2011)”

  • Julie Hatch

    This movie depicts a time when family values were the fabric of society and roles were defined. The viewer gets a glimpse of a time that is gone but not forgotten. It was a time of war and a time of economic strain, seen through the eyes of Donald Bailey’s daughter and based upon her (and her family’s) true story.


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