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“The Inheritance, based on a book by Louisa May Alcott, has become a family favorite. The heroine, Edith, is a beautiful portrayal of a noble life. It can lift your sight to refined living. The film provides a setting and personalities ripe for family discussion. . . .”

Disclaimer: We watched the version of this movie distributed by Feature Films for Families. It later came to our attention that this was an edited version. All other distributors and sellers carry the uncut version. The edited parts included various slang phrases and mild crudeness. While we generally discourage watching “edited” movies, as the morals of the producer can never be completely removed, in this case the Feature Films for Families version helps eliminate detraction and leaves a better spirit.

Full Movie

Runtime: 95 min

Release: 1997

Cast: Cari Shayne, Brigitta Dau, Paul Anthony Stewart

Director: Bobby Roth

Writer: Maria Nation (teleplay), Louisa May Alcott (novel)

One thought to “The Inheritance (1997)”

  • Avatar
    Angela Murdock

    We watched this movie about a month ago at Hannahs suggestion. We loved it!


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