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Willard and Rebecca Bean accept a mission call to serve in Palmyra, New York–the first missionaries to return since the saints left. They use all their assets–boxing, service, love and tenacity to accomplish amazing things. (Description from Living Scriptures)

An interesting fact about Willard Bean that is not mentioned in the movie, is that he knew the scriptures so well that President Heber J. Grant once said, “I know of no man in the church who can quote as much scripture as Willard.”

Disclaimer: At times in the movie, the main character is portrayed as somewhat ‘silly’ and less intelligent than his wife.


Runtime: 100 min

Release: 2019

Cast: David McConnell, Charley Boon, Kenna Dawn

Director: T. C. Christensen

Writer: T. C. Christensen

One thought to “The Fighting Preacher (2019)”

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    Threesa Cummings

    I was excited to watch this movie, because I have previously read the book written by their grandson, Rand H. Packer, called A Lion and a Lamb. The book is so good, and this couple is so inspiring. They faced so much opposition and hardship on their 25 year mission in Palmyra. They were both very strong in their own ways. They complemented each other so perfectly. Willard Bean was a strong and powerful missionary, and his wife, in her quiet strength was an ideal match.
    I have to admit that I was disappointed, because I felt like they made him seem weak and changed elements of the story unnecessarily. Of course reading a book first nearly always makes a movie disappointing, but I wished that they had shown his strength as well as hers. What they accomplished for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is immeasurable.


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