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“Set in the scenic mountains of Austria, The Errand of Angels is the story of Sister Rachel Taylor (Erin Chambers), an enthusiastic new missionary who faces the challenges of struggling to learn a different language, eat foreign cuisine, and find common ground with a difficult companion. This [is a] heartwarming tale of a missionary who learns that sometimes, the greatest change comes from within.” (Summary by Deseret Book)


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2 thoughts to “The Errand of Angels (2008)

  • Alexis

    This movie was really powerful to me. The principles in it are applicable to all kinds of relationships. Portraying such powerful truths in the context of missionary companions makes it really easy to accept. I love watching sister Taylor’s transformation when she recognizes that the change needs to take place in her own heart, and she sets aside her pride and tries the virtue of the word.

  • Sorena Marble

    This is such a cute movie. I really enjoyed watching Sister Taylor learn and grow through her missionary experiences as she served the people in Austria. She is a very happy and fun missionary, but realizes that she has some work to do in her own life. I think it’s great how she is willing to let the Lord guide her in making those changes. The movie made me laugh because of some of the experiences that the missionaries had. I also felt the love they have for the people in their area. Her different relationships with each of her companions gave her the opportunity for growth. She made the best out of every situation and that is a good talent to have as well.


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