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  • 1971, Copyright

Author: Jerome Horowitz
Length: 212 pgs.

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It is a belief of the Latter-day Saints that the Constitution of the United States is divinely inspired. In the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord declared:
. . . I established the Constitution of this land, by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose.
It is also a Latter-day Saint belief, declared by Joseph Smith and reaffirmed by subsequent prophets, that the time would come when the Constitution of the United States would be all but destroyed. An expression used is that it would “hang as by a single thread”.
      These predictions continue to the effect that the Elders of Israel will be instrumental in saving the Constitution, if it is saved at all.  The term “Elders of Israel,” as used in [p. 2] this context, apparently refers to the Mormon people rather than to a specific priesthood group.(4)
      If the Latter-day Saints are to help save the Constitution, it is important that they understand it. It is not sufficient to declare that they believe it, without being familiar with its significant provisions and the principles on which it is based.

One thought to “The Elders of Israel and the Constitution”

  • Randy

    I noticed the ad for “Credible history vs revisionist hearsay”–perhaps we won’t agree but I’ve been reading revisionist history on WWII for over 7 yrs & that is where the real truth is found. I even had a former BYU history professor, (a British national) in my ward for a while in Phoenix who confirmed that fact. It could be argued that the LDS gospel is revisionist history when the word “revisionist” is properly understood to mean “corrected” history, not “revised from the true history” as some suppose. Recall the statement “The victors write the history books,” it was the same with Christianity. The Catholic Church co-opted Christianity & rewrote themselves as the “orthodoxy,” but in fact, it was under Constantine that many original doctrines were cast off, altered & new ones (like Original Sin) were added . It is very much the same with WW I & WWII history & other histories as well. I see the book “The Naked Communist” just above and I can vouch that Cleon Skousen would whole-heartedly agree with me.


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