MISSIONARY WORK (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Missionary Companions Should Not Separate after Agreeing to Work Together — Minutes & Discourses (April 7, 1842)

He said that no two men when they agreed to go together ought to separate, that the prophets of old would not and quoted the circumstance of Elijah and Elisha iii Kings 2 chap. when about to go to Gilgal, also when about to go to Jericho, and to Jordan, that Elisha could not get clear of Elijah, that he clung to his garment until he was taken to heaven and that Elder Page should have stuck by Elder Hyde, and he might have gone to Jerusalem, that there is nothing very bad in it, but by the experience let us profit

Minutes and Discourses, 6–8 April 1842, p. 762, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Young Men Have Opportunity of Proving Themselves & Enduring Persecution through Missionary Work — James Sloan (April 15, 1842)

He said . . . to choose young men, and ordain them, and send them out to preach, that they may have an opportunity of proving themselves, and of enduring the tarring and feathering and such things as those of us who have gone before them, have had to endure.

Times and Seasons, 15 April 1842, p. 761, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Preach the Gospel to Save Ignorant — Willard Richards (June 30, 1843)

Go ye into all the world preach the gospel. & he that believeth in our charterd right may come here & be saved. & he [that] does not shall remain in ignorance.

Discourse, 30 June 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards, p. 279, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Use Love to Revolutionize and Civilize the World — Willard Richards (July 23, 1843)

to revolutin civilize the world.— pour forth love.

Discourse, 23 July 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards, p. 13, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Elders Should Be Endowed before Performing Missionary Work — Wilford Woodruff (April 8, 1844)

then the Elders are to go through all America & build up Churches untill all zion is built up, but not to commence to do this untill the Temple is built up here and the Elders endowed then go forth & accomplish the work & build up stakes in all North and South America

Discourse, 8 April 1844, as Reported by Wilford Woodruff, p. 241, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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