LAW OF CONSECRATION (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Blessings Given to Those Who Brought Offerings to the Store House — George W. Robinson (July 27, 1838)

July 27th some time past the bretheren or saints have come up day after day to consecrate, and to bring their offerings into the store house of the lord, to prove him now herewith and se if he will not pour us out a blessings that there will not be room enough to contain it, They have come up hither Thus far, according to the ord[e]r of the Dan-Ites, we have a company of Danites1 in these times, to put to rights physically that

which is not righ[t], and to clense the Church of verry great evils which hath hitherto existed among us, inasmuch as they cannot be put to rights by teachings & persuaysons, This company or a part of them exibited on the fourth day of July They come up to consecrate, by companies of tens, commanded by their Captain over ten.

Recorded on July 27, 1838. Joseph Smith, Journal, March–September 1838, pp. 60-61, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Equality of Property Unable to be Implemented Because of Dishonest Men — William P. McIntire (March 30, 1841)

Next Meeting Lecyum 1st.—stward an Equality in property & in knoledge Joseph said that an Equality would Not answer for he says if we would equel in property at present in six months we would be worse than ever for there is too many disonest men amongst us who has more injenity to cheat the Rest &c

Discourse given on March 30, 1841. William P. McIntire, Account of Meeting, circa 30 March 1841, p. 18, The Joseph Smith Papers.
  1.  The Joseph Smith Papers describes the Danites as follows:

    “The Danites, a Mormon paramilitary organization, were organized in conjunction with Sidney Rigdon’s “Salt Sermon” and the warning out of dissenters in mid-June.”

    “The Danite organization incorporated some features of the ancient Israelite organization outlined in the Bible.” (Journal, March–September 1838, p. 61, The Joseph Smith Papers, footnote 168 and 169.)
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