INTELLIGENCE (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Intelligence Gained On Earth is Permanent — William Clayton (April 2, 1843)

Whatever principal of intelligence we obtain in this life will rise with us in the resurrection: and if a person gains more knowledge in this life through his diligence & obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come.

Instruction, 2 April 1843, as Reported by William Clayton, p. 70, The Joseph Smith Papers.

God Cannot Create Intelligence — Wilford Woodruff (April 7, 1844)

. . . if I am right I might say God never had power to create the spirit of man, God himself could not create himself. Intelligence is Eternal & it is self exhisting

Discourse, 7 April 1844, as Reported by Wilford Woodruff, p. 137, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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