HONESTY (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Delight in Being Honest — Joseph Smith (September 22, 1835)

My heart is full of desire to day, to be blessed of the God, of Abraham; with prosperity, untill I will be able to pay all my de[b]ts; for it is the delight of my soul to be honest. Oh Lord that thou knowes right well! help me and I will give to the poor.

Journal, 1835–1836, p. 1, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Despite Hunger, Don’t Steal — Willard Richards (October 15, 1843)

I never stole the value of a pins head or a picayune in my life. & when you are hungry dont steal.— come to me & I will feed you.

Discourse, 15 October 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards, p. 134, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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