HEALTH (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Joseph Smith Asks the Congregation to Pray So His Lungs Can Be Strengthened — William Clayton (April 8, 1843)

I have three requests to make of the congregation . . . [one] is, that I may have your prayers that the Lord may strengthen my lungs so that I may be able to make you all hear.

Discourse, 8 April 1843, as Reported by William Clayton–B, p. 1, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Joseph Smith Asks for the Prayers & Faith of His Brethren to Strengthen Him — Wilford Woodruff (January 21, 1844)

When I consider the surrounding circumstances in which I am placed this day, standing in the open air with week lungs & sumwhat out of health, I feel that I must have prayers & faith of my brethren that God may strengthen me & pour out his special blessings upon me if you get much from me this day.

Discourse, 21 January 1844, as Reported by Wilford Woodruff, p. 181, The Joseph Smith Papers.

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