GOVERNMENT (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Political Motto of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints — George W. Robinson (March 13, 1838)

Motto of the Church of Christ of Latterday Saints.

The Constitution of our country formed by the Fathers of Liberty.

Peace and good order in society Love to God and good will to man.

All good and wholesome Law’s; And virtue and truth above all things

And Aristarchy live forever!!!

But Wo to tyrants, Mobs, Aristocracy, Anarchy and Toryism: And all those who invent or seek out unrighteous and vexatious lawsuits under the pretext or color of law or office, either religious or political.

Exalt the standard of Democracy! Down with that of Priestcraft, and let all the people say Amen! that the blood of our Fathers may not cry from the ground against us.

Sacred is the Memory of that Blood which baught for us our liberty.

Journal, March–September 1838, pp. 16-17, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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