GOSSIP (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Do Not Gossip about Those Who Desire to Do Right — Joseph Smith (November 14–19, 1833)

The man who willeth to do well, we should extol his virtues and speak not of his faults behind his back

Journal, 1832–1834, p. 22, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Joseph Smith Advised to Ignore Rumors about Heber C. Kimball — Times & Seasons (7 April 1842)

Pres’t. J. Smith spoke upon the subject of the stories respecting Elder Heber C. Kimball and others, showing the folly and inconsistency of spending any time in conversing about such stories or hearkening to them, for there is no person that is acquainted with our principles would believe such lies, except Thomas Sharp the editor of the “Warsaw Signal.”

Discourse, 7 April 1842–C, p. 763, The Joseph Smith Papers.

To Guard against Gossip, Both Men & Women Should Fulfill Their Appointed Place & Not Aspire — Eliza R. Snow (April 28, 1842)

President Smith continued by speaking of the difficulties he had to surmount ever since the commencement of the work in consequence of aspiring men, “great big Elders” as he call’d them, who had caused him much trouble, whom he had taught in the private counsel; and they would go forth into the world and ploclaim the things he had taught them; as their own revelations— said the same aspiring disposition will be in this Society, and must be guarded against— that every person should stand and act in the place appointed, and thus sanctify the Society and get it pure—

He said he had been trampled underfoot by aspiring Elders, for all were infected with that spirit, for instance Parley P. Pratt Orson Pratt, Orson Hyde and John E. Page had been aspiring— they could not be exalted but must run away as tho’ the care and authority of the church were vested with them— he said we had a subtle devil to deal with, and could only curb him by being humble.

Nauvoo Relief Society Minute Book, p. 37, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Spreading Evil Feelings Causes Great Harm — Eliza R. Snow (August 4, 1842)

The servants of the Lord are required to guard against those things that are calculated to do the most evil— the little foxes spoil the vines— little evils do the most injury to the church. If you have evil feelings and speak of them to one an other, it has a tendency to do mischief— these things result in those evils which are calculated to cut the throats of the heads of the church.

Nauvoo Relief Society Minute Book, p. 81, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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